Call for Proposals

Deadline: Friday, Dec. 3, 2021; Friday, January 14, 2022 for additional applications as funding allows. Community of Inquiry, Practice and Excellence (CIPE)


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have changed the way we teach and serve students. Your district Faculty Development would like to support your collaborative effort in exploring better ways to teach, engage and assess student learning.  New projects created during the COVID-19 pandemic will be considered.

A CIPE is a small group of Seattle Colleges faculty working in collaboration to investigate questions aligned with the anti-bias, anti-racist (ABAR) pedagogy and practice, the district core strategic priorities and Guided Pathways principles. Members conduct an inquiry project during the spring quarter and report findings at the end of that academic calendar year. CIPEs explore and develop diverse interests within and across disciplines, divisions, and programs to promote student achievement and success.

2021-22 CIPE proposals must address strategies and approaches that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), anti-bias, anti-racist (ABAR) education, student engagement and learning, or enrollment, retention, and completion.


Each faculty member in a CIPE team will receive $500 upon the completion of your project for a team of 2-5; with an additional stipend for a zoom workshop or poster session to share your work before June 13, 2022. This funding is limited to allowable expenses within Seattle Colleges policy, such as stipend for time spent on creating the products, purchasing books or journals, and or similar purposes. Funds may not be used for food or refreshments. The funds will be awarded upon successful completion of the project.

CIPE teams agree to

  • Work collaboratively as a team during the academic year.
  • As needed, meet with your campus Office of Institutional Effectiveness about data to support the inquiry.
  • Summarize findings in a final report and submit the report to the Faculty Development Coordinator by May 9, 2022 and make the project link available for other faculty to access or to be posted on the FD website. Summarize findings and submit a 1-2-page report to Faculty Development by May 9, 2022.  Submit the final report and make the project link available for other faculty to access or to be posted on the FD website by June 6, 2022.
  • By the end of Spring Quarter 22 (June 13, approx.), prepare a zoom workshop or poster session to share outcomes and findings, and ideas or practices that could be adopted by others (stipends will be provided for this; this step is not required).

CIPE proposal review criteria

  • Includes a team of 2–5 faculty
  • Clarity and detail of project description
  • Articulation of how the proposal relates to ABAR education, EDI, student learning, assessment, retention, or enrollment and completion
  • Articulation of how the project engages team members within or across different divisions/disciplines
  • Priority will be given to proposals that promote ABAR, EDI, assessment and/or innovative instructional design.

How to Submit a Proposal – by December 3

Form a team (2-5 members) and submit a proposal. Accepted CIPE teams may request to modify their projects as needed.

Direct questions to the CIPE Team: Carlos Sibaja Garcia ( and Hugo Alamillo ( Submit proposals to by December 3, 2021. The FD committee will notify you of a decision within 2 weeks after the due date.

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