Call for Applications
Faculty Development, Seattle Colleges

Faculty Development Advisory Committee (FDAC) has created another FLC grant for faculty in 2021-2022 to support faculty‚Äôs commitment to anti-racist education, equity and academic excellence – Book Reading/Learning Circle grant. The Book Reading Learning Circles (BRLC) provide an opportunity for informal and productive conversations among district-wide colleagues and interested parties ( faculty and staff) related to anti-bias anti-racist (ABAR) practices, or pedagogies and academic excellence. Book readings should reflect on innovative culturally responsive teaching, anti-racist practices or pedagogies, online learning, or any subject matter directed at eliminating achievement gaps for our students. Funding: up to $800 per team, plus $200 for coordination stipend if $800 can’t cover the facilitation and coordination time that the BRIC coordinator has spent. One person per application per academic year. Four Circles will be supported each quarter.

Due Dates: December 3, 2021 for the BRIC to start in winter, 2022; Monday, March 7, 2022 for Spring, 2022 BRICs.

The team should have at least five people up to 12, with at least three faculty members including the team leader. Staff are welcome to join. Cross-campus team with more than 12 members is also highly encouraged to apply. Circles will be held synchronously within academic quarters and require a minimum 5 no more than 10 meeting sessions. You may also seek campus funds to cover additional stipend or books as needed.

Criteria for proposals reviews:

  • Includes a team of at least five people, with at least three faculty members including the team leader. Staff are welcome to join
  • Addresses all the application questions
  • Clarity of proposal description and plan
  • Articulation of how the literature and discussion will benefit instruction and student learning.
  • Articulation of how discussions will engage team members. 

Here is a list of suggested books from the taskforce for your reference. Feel free to find your own books based on the grant guidelines.

  1. Equity by Design: Delivering on the Power and Promise of UDL, by Mirko Chardin
  2. Culturally Responsive Teaching & The Brain,  Zaretta Hammond
  3. Antiracism and Universal Design for Learning, Andratesha Fritzgerald
  4. Bandwidth Recovery: Helping Students Reclaim Cognitive Resources Lost to Poverty, Racism, and Social Marginalization, by Cia Verschelden and Kofi Lomotey
  5.  Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor by Layla F. Saad
  6. The Gardens of Democracy, Eric Lie & Nick Hanauer
  7. Sapiens: A brief History of Humankind, Yuval Noah Harari
  8. The Decadent Society: How We became the Victims of Our Own Success, Ross Douthat
  9. The Plague, Albert Camus
  10. Small Teaching Online: Applying Learning Science in Online Classes by Flower Darby and James M. Lang
  11. Race, Empire and English Language Teaching, Creating Responsible and Ethical Anti-Racist Practice, Suhanthie Motha
  12. The Road to Equity: The Five C’s to Construct an Equitable Classroom, Kayren Gray

For more information, please contact the BRLC Taskforce members, Carlos Sibaja Garcia, Faculty Development at, or David Quintero at,