CIPE Project Reports

Communities of Inquiry, Practice, and Excellence (CIPE)

List of CIPE Project Reports, Spring, 2021

Project 1 – Know What You KNOW – Student Tracking Outcomes by Analea Brauburger, Jill McDonough, and Henry Olson

Project 2 – Indigenous Knowledge & Information Literacy by Caroline Conley, Caroline Pew, and Ana Villar

List of CIPE Project Reports, Spring, 2020

Project 1 Online Faculty Resource Repository and Weekly Discussion Forum

Project 2 Keeping it Real in Virtual Integrative Learning Communities

Project 3 The Greatest Migration to Online Learning during Covid-19 – Phase I

Project 4 An Assessment Framework for New IT Programming Courses

Project 5 The Four Connections (with social distance)

Project 6 Online Interdisciplinary Investigations in Chemistry and Biology-Why IDI Making LearningVisible?

Project 7 Understanding Pandemics Canvas Module