From:  Brooke Yool, Central


Group teachings give student groups opportunity to prepare a short lecture about a topic.  Groups are then paired up to present their lectures to each other.


Sousa (2006) points out that among different teaching methods, teaching others/immediate use of learning leads to the highest average retention rate.

When to use:
  • Works well for hybrid classes
  1. Divide class into groups of 4-5 students
  2. Assign each group a topic from posted lecture material
  3. Each group prepares a short (5-minute) lecture, per person, about this topic.
  4. Day of class, each group (comprised of 4-5 students) discusses their topic amongst themselves to come to a consensus.
  5. Then pair up groups (i.e. groups 1+ 4, groups 2 + 5….) to present their 5-10 minute lectures to each other, effectively teaching each other their topics.
  6. At the end of class, each student turns in a paper summary of their 5 minute lecture in order to receive credit for the day’s work.



Sousa, D.A. (2006).  How the Brain Learns.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.