Dr. Yilin Sun Honored by US Department of State

My dear friends and colleagues:

I am excited to share with you some good news! South Seattle faculty member Dr. Yilin Sun has been honored by the United States Department of State!
Recognizing her lifetime commitment to building English teaching capacity abroad and bolstering mutual understanding through English language education, Dr. Sun is the recipient the English Language Specialist Program 30@30 Award. Granted in honor of the Specialist Program’s 30th Anniversary, Dr. Sun is one of a select group of thirty English Language Specialists who have made a lasting impact both on the Specialist Program and on the TESOL field since 1991. 
Here’s a highlight of what her colleagues have to say:

  • From an International TESOL colleague: “Yilin Sun has for decades been a fierce trailblazer for TESOL, standing up for EL learners across the globe, spurring us all on through her leadership to greater opportunities for mutual understanding and knowledge. Her own immigrant story colors her every action and with her presentations or workshops, she inspires others to reach new heights. I had the pleasure of working together with Yilin Sun in Peru where her story inspired many teachers both novice and seasoned to take on new learning, to be bold and to take those risks we ask our own students to take daily. As TESOL President she traveled the globe building bridges to new learning, new connections among teachers and learners, and helping us to celebrate all that we share in common and the rich diversity that makes our world and work so incredibly exciting.” 
  • From an officer of English language Programs, US Embassy in Bolivia: “Yilin was invited to travel and present in Bolivia by the Bolivian Teachers’ Association National Convention. Yilin not only did a great work as a keynote speaker at the convention captivating hundreds of Bolivian English teachers with her professionalism and charisma, she also went to local schools and provided training to teachers and future teachers…She met with the English Language IVLP on Demand participants discussing the world of possibilities open for them.”
  • From a Colleague at South Seattle: “I am inspired by how Yilin leverages her lived experiences and scholarship to lead Seattle Colleges towards the pursuit of equitable educational excellence through campus- and district-wide faculty development that focuses and draws on BIPOC students’ cultural wealth and the principles of leading with racial equity, diversity and inclusion.

You can find out more about Dr. Sun’s amazing career here and here.
I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely over the past few years with Dr. Sun through her role as Faculty Development Coordinator for the Seattle College District. I am honored to call her my colleague and my friend. Please take a moment to join me in congratulating her! 


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