List of Members of the Professional Leave (Sabbatical) Committee

2020-2021 Professional Leave (Sabbaticals)

From the AFT Seattle Agreement (5.10) “There shall be three types of professional leave for tenured faculty: Sabbatical Leave, Retraining Leave, and Return-to-Industry Leave. Tenured and Core faculty having completed three or more years of full-time employment with the District [including, if applicable, full-time summer employment] shall be eligible for Sabbatical (Educational) Leave.”  (See page 24 of the 2017-20 Agreement to learn more.)

The Professional Leave Committee, composed of faculty and administrators across the district, believes the process should start with a discussion between the faculty member and your Dean.

Since the beginning of the Fall 2018 application period, the committee has allowed optional “draft” applications to be submitted for review.  At this time, the draft should be word processed and submitted by email (there is no online draft application form).  In your draft, answer sections A, B, and C from the application found here on Inside Seattle Colleges.  Email your draft to by Friday, October 18, 2019.  The committee will meet by Week 8 to review your draft and provide feedback.

Once your completed final application is submitted online, it will be read by your Dean, College Vice President of Instruction, College President, and the Professional Leave Committee. All proposals will be scored using the Professional Leave Application Scoring Form (See Application Guidelines for specific point distributions). Final committee recommendations to the Chancellor are made after committee discussions and final evaluations of the applications. The Chancellor’s office awards Professional Leave Grants and determines how many to fund each year.

Here is a link to the guidelines and application on Inside Seattle Colleges. Here is a link to the FAQs to help faculty find answers to some of the common questions about the sabbatical leave.

2020-2021 Professional Leave Application Deadline Schedule:

December 6, 2019: Faculty Application Deadline (always the first Friday of December)
December 13, 2019: Deadline for Unit Administrator Action.
December 20, 2019: Deadline for Vice President for Instruction’s Action.
January 17, 2020: Deadline for Presidential Action.
February, 2020: Committee meets to review, discuss, and adjust scores, rank applications, and make recommendations to Chancellor.
March 8, 2020: Chancellor notifies awardees.

Here are examples of successful Professional Leave applications:

Example 1Example 2Example 3Example 4

Interim Leave Reports

Interim reports are read by the Professional Leave Committee.  The committee’s role is an advisory role in this capacity, asking for clarifications or more information as needed.  The goal of the interim report is to help the faculty member who is on sabbatical to stay on track for their final report, on the basis of consistency with the recipient’s proposal.  (discussed below).

Interim leave reports will be due half-way through the leave:

For a 1 quarter leave: Report due end of week 5 of leave
For a 2 quarter leave: Report due end of first quarter of leave
For a 3 quarter leave: Report due end of week 5 of the 2nd quarter of leave

Here are instructions and the form for writing an interim leave report.

Final leave reports

All final leave reports are due by the end of the quarter following the end of the leave. Final reports not received on time will result in the faculty member having to refund 50% of the pay received for the leave (as per article 5.10 of the AFT union contract).

The Committee’s role in reviewing final leave reports is to ensure consistency with the recipient’s proposal and stated deliverables.  Per section 5.10 of the Agreement, recipients failing to file such report, within the stipulated period, shall refund fifty percent of the pay received to the District.

Here are instructions for writing a final leave report.

To view professional leave final reports, please go to the District Document Center, and select browse to find Professional Leave reports by year.

Faculty Awarded Professional Leave
By Academic Year

2019-20 Shireen Deboo
2019-20 Michael Taylor
2018-19 Terri Chung
2018-19 Kimberly McRae
2018-19 Tatiana Garmendia
2018-19 Marc Salverda
2017-18 Andre Loh
2017-18 Pete Knutson
2017-18 Diana Ma
2016-17 Jaime Cardenas
2016-17 Laura McCracken
2016-17 Annie Murkowski
2016-17 Bryan Johns
2016-17 Marian Lyles
2016-17 Kayleen Oka**
2015 – 16 Alissa Agnello*
2015 – 16 Davene Eyres
2015 – 16 Vince Offenback
2015 – 16 Camila Sigelmann
2015 – 16 Sharon Spence-Wilcox
2015 – 16 Marie Villarba
2014 – 15 Mark Ainsworth
2014 – 15 Stephen Coates-White
2014 – 15 Tracy Furutani
2014 – 15 Phebe Jewell
2014 – 15 David Quintero
2014 – 15 Rebecca Tesdell
2014 – 15 Jeb Wyman
2013 – 14 Laurie Kempen
2013 – 14 Kalyn Owens
2013 – 14 Kay Rutherford
2013 – 14 Karen Van Genderen
2013 – 14 A. Jawed Zouari
2012 – 13 NONE NONE
2011 – 12 Greg Langkamp
2011 – 12 Suzanne Schlador
2010 – 11 Paula Bennett
2010 – 11 JC Clapp
2010 – 11 Douglas Cole
2010 – 11 Patricia Conley
2010 – 11 Fred Goglia
2010 – 11 Annie John
2010 – 11 Randall Nelson
2010 – 11 Jingsong Shah
2009 – 10 Van Bobbitt
2009 – 10 Steve Conger
2009 – 10 Hon Li
2008 – 9  Sara Baldwin
2008 – 9  Roger Bourret
2008 – 9  Christopher Conley
2008 – 9  Tom Dillard
2008 – 9  Peter Knutson
2008 – 9  Lori Ann Miller
2008 – 9  Michael Pepe
2008 – 9  Rodger Squirrell
2008 – 9  Evelyn Trottier
2008 – 9  Jennifer Wu

*forfeited when hired as Dean
**leave deferred