From:  Brooke Yool, Central

Process ordering is useful for classes that contain many multi-step processes such as a biology class or a prof-tech class.  Students use this technique to put the steps for a process in the correct order.


This process provides an active learning activity which can be a follow-up piece to a lecture.

When to use:
  • To assess level of clarity on a unit/module before beginning a new one
  • At the end of class to determine level of understanding
  • In an online class, anytime the student has a question about content
  1. Type the steps for the process on a single sheet of paper. Make 1 copy of this sheet for each set of “pairs” in your class.
  2. Starting with one sheet, cut the sheet into strips, one step in the process per strip, shuffle them a bit, and place the strips in an envelope.
  3. Repeat with the remaining copies, until you have one envelope per pair of students.
  4. After introducing the process to the students, give pairs an envelope filled with strips of paper, each with a step of the process shuffled out of order.
  5. It is *their* job to determine the correct order of the paper strips (and thus the order of the steps in the process). Walk around and verify.