Seattle Colleges Supports Lifelong Learning

Did you know that all permanent Seattle Colleges employees can receive a tuition waiver to take classes at any of our campuses? Whether you are classified, exempt, faculty, or professional staff, you are eligible to register for classes that have space available (no waiting list) on the second day of instruction each quarter. There is a minimum fee of $5 and you are responsible for the additional costs of books and needed supplies. For classes that meet during your usual work hours, your supervisor will need to approve your request for professional leave.


The Washington State Employee Tuition Exemption Program is available to all permanent state employees who work half-time or more – and the waiver can be used at other colleges and universities in our state.┬áThis program will cover up to six credits per term. It is a valuable benefit to all state employees, whether in pursuit of learning for professional or personal reasons. An employee’s spouse and dependents are eligible for this program as well!


For more information, contact a campus or district HR representative.